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RMJM Milano have recently taken part in a competition for Golootočkih žrtava Square, in Podgorica, Montenegro. The studio is thrilled to have had such an opportunity and feel proud to have received an honourable mention for this competition.

The proposal for Golootočkih žrtava Square builds a strong spatial identity for the city of Podgorica. By establishing seamless connections between the levels of the city and the main transport hub, the idea was to let the square become the new ‘Gateway’ to Podgorica.

RMJM Milano took inspiration from the morphological aspect of the country. Montenegro is a land with many rivers, natural and artificial lakes and the Adriatic Sea. The studio designed the square to resemble the natural basin formed by the movement of the river. The water is represented by the flow of people – city dwellers and travellers alike – who are channelled towards the heart of the square. The steps have this rounded shape as if modelled by the forces of nature, in this case, water. The sunken form acts as a safe, lively and comfortable space where its users can meet, grow and build identities.

By subtracting and going underground, rather than adding vertically, we wanted to give more breathing space to the surrounding areas, adding natural elements such as the greenery.

Luca Aldrighi | Director

By choosing sustainable materials, such as the PV Panels that collect solar energy and transform it into renewable electricity, or the vertical cores as a public connection that guarantees accessibility, the studio made sure to keep their core values in mind. 

The design shows the passion and initiative the studio poured into this proposal, from the concept to the implementation of sustainable materials.

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