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RMJM Milano recently participated in a competition to design the Beach Plaza hotel in Monte Carlo. The studio is thrilled for the opportunity to showcase an iconic and thoughtful design. The vision was to create a sensory connection with the sea, to make one feel on a cruise along the shore.

The intent was to reproduce the feeling of boarding a cruise ready to sail; an experiential design.

Luca Aldrighi | Director

Located on the southern coastline of Monte Carlo, the Beach Plaza’s main entrance is along the Avenue Princesse Grace. The podium acts as a barrier between the busy boulevard and the hotel, maintaining the equilibrium and solitariness of the beach. Furthermore, the design exhibits a distinction between the hotel, apartments, and public amenities. A central green atrium enriches the user experience, and the wharf deck consists of private restaurants for the guests. The balconies create a natural extension of the interior spaces, with terraces strategically sloped to allow the best views, allowing the user to spend time outdoors.

The lobby and ballrooms represent the 'keel' of the ship, the restaurant a pier and the wellness acts as a port where the boat is moored. All mimicking the elements of marine architecture.

Abhinav Goel | Associate

The project also provides exclusive access to the beach, casual restaurants, and bars for the hotel guests while maintaining unobstructed sea views for the surrounding buildings. The studio’s signature design for the Beach Plaza represents a welcoming, inclusive hotel, achieving functionality and aesthetics by drawing inspiration from the surrounding environment.

Project Team
Luca Aldrighi, Abhinav Goel, Yara Noon, Zoya Hooda, Ameera Thaha

Eugene Malyi, Alina Hrehul