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Based in the city of Ostrava, RMJM Prague serve an international client base focusing on sustainable and socially responsible design solutions


RMJM Prague were established in late 2017 and in the years following they have stood out as experts in industrial design, having worked on projects such as manufacturing plants, research and development laboratories and technology offices and headquarters.

Martin Zustik, the CEO of RMJM Prague has over 20 years of experience in large-scale projects and has worked in a number of countries including the Czech Republic, UK, Jordan, Libya and Russia. He joined the studio in 2017 and with the support of Design Director, Luca Aldrighi, he has promoted holistic designing throughout the team.

Though specialising in industrial developments, the studio has strengths in masterplanning, urban regeneration, interior design, leisure and sports complexes and historical buildings and monuments. In the last few years some of the more iconic projects that the team have been involved in include Befra’s Production Factory, Krnov Rehabilitation project, the 5th MSIC building and the Bang & Olufsen Production Facility in Koprivnice, Czech Republic.

Martin Zustik

CEO - RMJM Prague

Martin Zustik is the CEO of RMJM Prague. Martin is a chartered civil engineer with over 20 years experience in managing large projects from site selection, and EIA, through documentation, approval, commissioning, and technical supervision. Martin leads his architectural and engineering teams to provide architecture, engineering and consulting services as well as to undertake feasibility studies and risks and engineering constructability analysis. His work encompasses several countries, including Czech Republic, UK, Jordan, Libya and Russia.

Befra’s Production Factory

Bang & Olufsen – New Production Facility

Krnov Rehabilitation Project

5th Building of MSIC

Funeral Hall & Columbarium

Social Housing – Hranice

Havlickovo nabrezi 38 702 00
Ostrava Prague, Czech Republic

+420 602 712 930

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