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RMJM took part in the Dubai Edition of ZAK World of Facades last week, discussing and debating facade design and engineering. World of Facades Middle East is the region’s largest conference series on facade design and engineering, two RMJM specialties. The conference has become a specialised forum in the region to discuss the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building industry and showcases the latest technological solutions. RMJM was represented by Arif Mehmood, a guest panellist at the event, with over 30 years of professional experience in overseeing a series of award-winning designs.


After the conference, Arif commented: ” ZAK provides an excellent platform to hear about recent developments and likely future trends. Over the years the industry has been responding to the pressing sustainability requirements and developing solutions to best fit the local green codes. The solution tended to be developing glass to reject solar gain, invariably the facades tended to become more solid as a consequence. With the incredible development of the micro energy industry, converting heat and daylight to energy, the facade industry’s response is encouraging development of facades that actually invite solar gain to heat up the facade with a view to converting the heat into electricity. This reversal from heat rejection to deliberate heat gain will open up the opportunity for the facade to be more transparent again, much to the delight of the architects.” The event was incredibly well attended and, by all accounts, a huge success. Make sure to follow RMJM on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest projects, events we’re attending and all other announcements.