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Cities are now the world’s most dominant demographic. These zones of growth continue their rapid expansion making what we do with the space particularly important. With urbanism very much in mind, we’ve decided to focus on five RMJM projects that capture what it means to use space successfully within an urban environment. Spanning several continents and sectors we’ll look at developments that have thrived in densely populated urban areas and breathed new life into the physical entity of cities. Furthermore, we’ll examine the reasons why this is the case.

64 Princes Street, Edinburgh
This grade-B listed building still dominates one of the UK’s most famous streets thanks to its iconic panelled design that became synonymous with 60’s modernism. 64 Princes Street is a great example of 20th Century architecture using materials that were not part of the traditional palette. The eye-catching design has ensured that generations of citizens and tourists have engaged with this unique building. Edinburgh’s historic appeal is complimented perfectly by having this at the heart of the urban landscape.

Urban design
64 Princes Street in the 1960’s showcases an early example of urban design (RMJM)

2 West Regent Street, Glasgow
This ten-storey development, designed by RMJM, sits in the heart of Glasgow and is a welcome addition to the city’s growing skyline. Much like Scotland’s largest city, this modern development is characterized by its openness. The commercial ground floor supports an impressive office space that benefits from a column-free layout allowing natural light to flood the premises. Feature architectural lighting and collaborations with local artists breathe life into the building and signal an intent to stand out from other inner-city office developments across the UK. The visual impact of this building cannot be underestimated.

Urban building
2 West Regent, Glasgow (RMJM)

Hyderabad Metro
The complex spatial structures that are cities often aren’t the most becoming environments for intricate transportation systems. Urban mobility was central to RMJM’s most recent transport project in India. The Hyderabad Metro project is seen as crucial in the continuing growth of Hyderabad, one of the most populated cities in India. Integrating the existing suburban railway network and bus routes, the project features automatic trains and uses the latest metro cars, signalling and communication systems. The new line, designed by RMJM, consists of 13 elevated stations and two interchange stations over a 14-kilometre route. The Mass Rapid Transit System is an above-ground viaduct structure connecting the city and covers the three main arterial routes in the State capital.

Circle Line, Singapore
RMJM was commissioned for this enormous project requiring full design and build services for 16 underground metro stations. Each station was individually designed to provide an optimised station arrangement whilst responding to a complex range of site and technical constraints. Perhaps the most pressing objective on this project was that stations should seamlessly integrate into the urban environments. This was achieved through scaling and massing of the entrances to respond to the local urban density. The station forms a crucial component of Singapore’s renowned connectivity and helps makes it one of the best-connected cities on the planet.

Urban transport
The original urban design for one of 16 stations by RMJM in Singapore (RMJM)

Suning Plaza Mixed-Use Development
Currently under construction in the heart of Zhenjiang City, the Suning Plaza is a development that will enhance both the inner-city landscape and the Zhenjiang’s skyline. Acting as a “living room” for the city it seeks to bring together industries not commonly associated with one another with commercial, business, art and residential spaces all in one place. The project promises to positively impact the everyday lives of Zhenjiang citizens while the shopping centre, hotel, Grade A office spaces and serviced apartments ensure that this rapidly growing city has a pulsating space at its core.

Urban space
The urban design for the Suning Plaza in Zhenjiang City (RMJM)

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