Metropol Istanbul


Istanbul, Turkey




Mixed Use






Under Construction

In 2010, RMJM won the design competition for the iconic Mixed Use Development in the East Atasehir District of Istanbul with a design that encapsulates the characteristics that make the city so unique: its relationship to its landscape, its rich cultural diversity and its idealistic tradition. The development comprises three towers; one residential, one office and one mixed use super-tall tower. The development also boasts high end Boutique retail and a 2 level retail mall.

This project expands on RMJM’s current work on the Varyap Meridian area of the site and forms a key element in the development of the wider Atasehir Central Business District & New Financial District.

RMJM’s proposal works within this context to provide a new and unique urban centre characterised by luxury Living / Working / Playing in a single mixed use lifestyle destination.

The Masterplan adopts a clear and coherent approach to urban design place-making that is based on the following fundamental cornerstones:

  • The Park Promenade is the pedestrian friendly community parkland which provides the foreground to Atasehir Gardens.
  • The site massed to the south presents a linear ‘shop window’ along the primary approach to the site, which in turn acts as an advertisement for the high end retail inside the Masterplan.
  • This linear element is inspired by the Theodosian Wall and is interpreted as a monolithic inhabited wall from which event spaces and retail are carved out. The spine of the inhabited wall is the City Boulevard, an up market high-end retail street populated by luxury boutiques and international designer brands.
  • Directly north of the inhabited wall is the Market street, a recessed urban piazza that provides access to the lower levels of the retail mall and serves as both a light-well to the mall and as an orientating device for public way-finding.