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RMJM Africa provide highly innovative solutions for the betterment and development of East and South African Architecture


RMJM’s first projects in Africa were in Nigeria in the early 1960s. Commissioned by the Nigerian Government, RMJM developed a design standard for schools and later universities across the country. The project resulted in the construction of over 100 schools.

Today, RMJM Africa have licenses in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana and Cape Town. The highly experienced design team have established a comprehensive practice in sustainable, innovative design and a distinct knowledge of local markets.

Designs such as the Hill Towers complex in Uganda’s capital Kampala City highlight the firm’s creative potential, while the Sheheena Apartments of Mombasa, Kenya, showcase the firm’s pioneering residential designs. Notable projects in South Africa include the Basil Read Corporate Head Office in Boksburg, South Africa, St Micheil’s Hotel and Clubhouse in Mphumalanga, South Africa and the FBN Capital Head Office in Lagos, Nigeria.

Basil Read Corporate Head Office

FBN Capital, Nigeria

RMJM South Africa

Cape Town,
South Africa

+971 4 563 8888

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