Saraya Islands


Saraya, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE


Saraya Holdings


Interior Design


Site Area: 14 Ha
GFA: 420,000 m²


Interior Design



RMJM designed a 5 star Super Yacht Club, Beach Club and residence development in UAE. The spectacular site conditions inspired a development vision sensitive to the seafaring heritage and the island’s unparalleled environmental characteristics – a vision of a development based on the natural themes of water, sand, mountains, marine life, pioneering naval heritage, sails, waves, wind and serenity, a vision of an experience very different to that of Dubai.

Progressing from a more village-like environment in the mainland, to a more sea-oriented residential and resort community in the islands, the development makes intensive use of the waterfront as a private or semiprivate development market by providing a host of pedestrian experiences as amenities and attractions along with it.

A high end residential destination, the apartments located within the inner circle of the marina promising stunning views and access to the adjacent private clubs and shopping areas located within the central spine of the development. The private beach/yacht club provides all the amenities that are associated with the most elite clubs throughout the world such as restaurants, cafes locker rooms and other sports facilities, located within easy access for both yacht owners and the general public.

One exclusive component to the Marina, setting it apart from other marinas in the market, is the Super Yacht Club. The club is to provide additional berths for megayachts, featuring higher f+b, retail and outdoor facilities, demonstrating the beauty of the surrounding views.