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On the 9th of November at 4 pm GST, as part of the Dubai Design Week programme, RMJM Dubai will be hosting an interactive, digital discussion panel titled City | Body | Form. Bringing together key experts across the digital, cultural, mobility and tactile fields the interactive discussion will address the challenges of the new era of design thinking and agility.

The panel will consider how abstract ideas can be moulded into designs that respond to the challenges that we face in a new era of habitation. They will address questions such as how can we re-imagine our buildings, space and cities so that they are better connected? How can we engage with digital processes to foster new, hybrid, public spaces that embrace the complexities of identity and culture?

The panel will be made of a number of RMJM’s own leading architects, as well as other industry experts. A full breakdown of the participants can be found below:

  • Future City (UK) – Mark Davy, Founder and CEO
  • Mobility in Chain – Federico Parolotto, Senior Partner
  • DDU, TU Darmstadt – Anton Savov, Architect/ Researcher
  • DiDi – Hani Asfour, Dean of Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation
  • RMJM – George Arvanitis, Director of Masterplanning and Urbanism
  • RMJM – Marija Stringheta, Senior Architect
  • RMJM – Noor Majid, Graphic Designer

The discussion should last for approximately 1 hour and include opportunities for an audience-led question and answer session. There are a limited number of places available to be a participatory audience member in the Zoom meeting itself, but the discussion will also be streamed live through YouTube, the link for which will be available through our social media on the day.

If you wish to join the Zoom call as a member of the audience, please use the signup form below.