Agricultural Bank of China, Ningbo Branch


Ningbo, China


Agricultural Bank of China




90,000 SQM





The Agricultural Bank of China Ningbo Branch project, located along the primary urban street in Ningbo, China was designed in accordance with challenging brief conditions as well as strict urban design guidelines.

With a height restriction of 40 metres, the building will be constructed in two phases and aims to provide services and decent spaces for working and urban frontage within the area. Phase 1 of the building caters for the public banking hall and office space while phase two of construction will serve to complete the office and staff facility demands of the client.

The two phases are distinctively separated by the central outdoor courtyard with views into the courtyard shared by occupants of both sides of the building in the higher levels. The openings in the massing volume of phase 2 were designed with consideration of Ningbo’s annual prevailing wind patterns and intended to allow the summer winds into the central courtyard while minimizing the impact of the winter winds.

The two phases are connected through a network of walkways on the upper floors to facilitate the circulation within the building. The idea of social gathering is further reinforced in the design by green public spaces throughout the project, from podium roof gardens to sky bridges and public circulation spaces in both phases of the project.

The overall appearance of the bank building is civic and formal in nature to mirror the municipal and administrative buildings to the south side of the site. The utilisation of stone as a facade material coupled with robust massing offers to demonstrate the strength and stability of the bank.

Select glass panels set inside the stone façade are inclined in a diagonal flow to symbolise the flow of water as this represents the core value of the Agricultural Bank of China to create a business that is sustainable with a focus on development in the field of agriculture.