Marina Line






100,000 SQM





RMJM’s initial work in the infrastructure sector in Singapore was through the Marina Line design competition for the Land Transport Authority (LRT) in 2000. RMJM achieved the highest scores for both design and technical merit in the competition.

Each stop on the new Marina Line was designed to respond to the specific constraints and characteristics of each of the proposed station locations. However, common design objectives were set from the outset so that a line-wide architectural identity could be established.

Principle among these common objectives was that stations should seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment. This was achieved through scaling the entrances to respond to the local urban grain.

Wherever possible, natural light was allowed to penetrate through the station and down to platform level, enabling easy orientation and promoting a harmonious providing a visual connection with the external environment.

Station layouts were designed to produce maximum efficiency in circulation, reducing pedestrian travel distance between platforms, concourse and street. Primary concerns also included optimising the efficiency of the station structure, maintenance access and security. These concerns had to be balanced against the need to establish a line-wide architectural vocabulary, ease of station access and the permeability of the public spaces throughout.