The masterplan included an estate development strategy, indicative building massing, environmental and traffic impact assessment, and the implementation strategy.

Subsequently the implementation of the masterplan for Phase 1 of the campus infrastructure and the preliminary buildings was commissioned. This included a unified urban design strategy with particular emphasis on sustainability. An integrated grey water strategy, incorporating new lakes, was adopted to create the irrigation necessary for long term planting to create mediating microclimates across the site.

Following feedback from the performance of the Phase 1 buildings, and the success and expansion of the University, the masterplan was reviewed with regard to the ultimate site capacity. Further strategies to reduce the carbon footprint were developed through enhanced building performance and renewable energy strategies, and to consider how the University’s landscape and urban strategy could benefit the urban realm of the expanding city of Nicosia into which it is increasingly integrated.

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Sector: Education, Masterplanning
Status: Concept