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The international Architecture and Design firm RMJM is proud to celebrate its 60th anniversary as a leader in architecture and design.

In 1956, co-founders Sir Robert Matthew & Stirrat Johnson-Marshall set out with a vision to revolutionise the architecture industry. Over the last 60 years, RMJM has made that vision a reality through consistently adapting to market changes and shifting social demographics, evolving into one of the largest and most geographically diverse architecture firms in the world.

“This milestone is a testament to RMJM’s commitment to continued quality in architecture, and to the future of the company, our partners and the industry,” said Harry Downie, RMJM CEO in Dubai. Roberto Tripi, CEO of RMJM Italia added “It gives us enormous pleasure to be able to celebrate RMJM’s anniversary with all our partners around the world and we look forward to reaffirming RMJM’s role as a leader in architecture over the next years, and beyond”.

As RMJM paves the way to the future, the firm’s long history, international spirit and resilient character continue to shape its culture. From the outset, the studio was determined to consistently challenge traditional design concepts. In a matter of years, a series of high profile design commissions in London provided RMJM with the platform to expand outside the UK. By the late 1960s, RMJM were supporting the British Government, the United Nations and a series of international governments on major projects in the Middle East & North Africa.

The firm established its first office in Dubai in 1971, just before the formation of the United Arab Emirates. RMJM was the first registered international consultant used by the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. RMJM established strong business relations with Asia in the 1970s and by the beginning of the 21st Century, a series of high-profile projects, including the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, the Gazprom Tower in St Petersburg and the Media and Broadcasting Centre for the Beijing Olympics, heralded another period of international expansion. “I’m amazed when I look at what the team has achieved to date. As the industry was evolved, we’ve grown and changed with it, and we are immensely proud to be part of it” said Tean Chee Ko, Design Director at RMJM RED in Hong Kong.

Today, RMJM continues to fulfil its mission of nurturing a culture of collaboration. This culture inspires, stimulates and influences our diverse family of architects across the world for the benefit of our clients and their projects. RMJM recently moved into new markets and is proud to announce the opening of studios in Serbia, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania, Brazil, Iran and Switzerland. Additionally, RMJM’s family of studios can rely on the highly sectoral expertise of RMJM Pro studios, RMJM Sport and RMJM Healthcare, to ensure that every client has access to the best expertise in the industry.

“Our decision to join RMJM reflects the culmination of a vision we have had for a long time to bring together our passion for architecture and the best international expertise,” confirmed Mario Biselli, CEO of the newly established RMJM Brazil. “This is why joining in occasion of RMJM’s 60th anniversary is a great honour. We are glad to celebrate it with our new partners.”

Mike Lord, Managing Director of RMJM East Africa & Botswana, also added: “Being part of RMJM has given our East African studios access to a wealth of experience from across the globe. Existing and new clients get a great deal of reassurance from our ability to collaborate with such a large and diverse pool of knowledge whilst our introduction to a worldwide network of clients is also poised to produce dividends.”

With sixty years of experience, hundreds of international design awards and a portfolio comprising some of the most iconic structures in the world, RMJM and each of its studios looks forward to another sixty years continuing to redefine architecture and continuing to build a brighter, greener future.