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Embark on an artistic journey with RMJM’s sketching series initiative, designed to capture the daily rhythm and challenges faced by architects. In the heart of this creative venture lies the essence of architectural exploration, where sketches become visual diaries, documenting the evolving ideas and innovative solutions that shape our built environment. Through this series, RMJM aims to unveil the intricate dance of imagination, offering a unique glimpse into the life of an architect.

As we traverse through the sketches of RMJM’s brilliant Ajmal Roshan, created in the distinctive Marvel style, we unveil the stories and challenges behind each stroke of the pencil. Capturing the essence of an architect’s routine, from the vibrant studio atmosphere to the serene moments of designing buildings, these sketches go beyond conventional boundaries, infusing each line with a dynamic energy that mirrors the spirit of comic book artistry. Join us on this journey as we celebrate to discover the unique style of our talented colleague.

“Sketching is my storytelling adventure, I'm all about capturing the vibe between imagination and reality. Each stroke tells a story, inviting everyone to reflect and appreciate the beauty in the little things.”

Ajmal RoshanGraduate Architect

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