The residence has born witness to many experimental architectural actions, sought by the customer when considering unique solutions to distinct design challenges. The result has produced considerable communication through media channels, including the TV program Case e Segreti (LeonardoTV/SKY), which dedicated an entire episode to the subject.

The project, designed by RMJM Italia, successfully recovered the attic space originally dedicated exclusively to the functioning of a private warehouse. The reflections on radical transformation have allowed not only the recovery and the integration of the attic space as residential, but have also ensured an appreciation of the house for its connecting areas. The vertical and horizontal dimensions are interrelated according to a dynamic vision of the spatial organization.

The attic is a key aspect of the project, with access gained through a large opening with double height floor.

The lower ground floor  is accessed by input calibrated at the house’s centre of gravity, from which you can glimpse both the image of the living public.

The wall that leads into the private area of the adult room becomes an exercise in aesthetic value as well as a strategic principle of management of different needs. The drawing, seemingly at random, of the holes in the wall, will benefit both the management of the air conditioning systems and access to the sleeping area for adults (by means of a treated panel in cementite with the same finishing the wall). The design also favours raised pavement, which tempers the scale and is used for embedding a bathtub into the floor, entirely coated with thin slabs of Slimtech Lea Ceramiche.

The floor, covered in large sheets of oak, is overturned on the back wall, hiding the door of the guest bathroom) so as to accentuate the relationships between the various parts of the house in which, as an alternative to the wood grain was provided for the treatment with effect cement flooring industrial Oltremateria.

Location: Rome, Italy
Sector: Interior Design, Residential
Size: Internal: 180 m² | External: 70 m²
Status: Completed